The most common depiction of gangster is the stereotypical image of the "American Gangster," often
associated with the empires of organized crime during the prohibition era dating back to the 1920's
and 1930's.   The Fight Mafia brand exploits it's redefinition by making rather different statements;
Single parents are gangsters.  College graduates are gangsters.  Your grandparents for the most part,
surely all had gangster mentalities.  "Succeed or die," is the true definition of a gangster.  Any indiv-
idual who possesses the drive to achieve something great and or who is ignorant of all obstacles
and boundaries is a gangster.  "By any means necessary," is the official gangster mentality.  We are
all born to lose but yet built to win...  Everyone's a gangster.
The Fight Mafia brand represents a certain demographic that has historically been ignored by the
apparel industry.  Our brand has established a niche market driven by meaningful garments with
purpose, and strategically versatile to accommodate all walks of life.  Garments designed for
comfort and justification for those who need no justification nor comfort.  We truly incorpo-
rate and encompass "Blue Collar" hustle and work ethic in all TFM branded apparel.  The
TFM brand consumer is what inspires and motivates our lifestyle of "Organized Grind."
The Fight Mafia apparel is a wearable reminder of why we do what we do, why we work,
why we train, and why we choose to fight for what we believe in and or what we want
out of life.  Our brand is fashioned for those who choose to define themselves through
positive action and perseverance.  We are the uncrowned kings.  Fashionable armour
for those individuals on the grind.  We take the road less travelled, we take the stairs,
we work the midnight shift, we sacrifice, struggle, and persevere.  We are champions
by choice.  We are a unified body of individuals interacting within a common culture
of similar characteristics.  [Co-sa No-tra] - "Our thing."  "Organized Grind."