The Fight Mafia (TFM) is an exclusive lifestyle brand built for life's conquerors.  Succeed or die
mentalities.  Fight inspired fashion.  At first impression you know that this isn't just another
"Lifestyle Brand."  It is an entity redefining how we connect and or unify by transcending the
limits that life has imposed upon us (i.e. Mafia).  A brand that caters to those individuals willing
to confront, struggle, and fight through life's trials, tribulations, and adversaries otherwise known
as the daily grind.  "Blue Collar" hustle infused with "White Collar" dreams - offering no apologies.
Fabrics composed from perseverance and constructed for purpose of empowerment.  Hustler's
ambition personified through fashion.

TFM's debut collection began with implementing associations with the sport of Mixed
Martial Arts (MMA), collaborating urban lifestyle with combat hybrid athletics.  Are
we the same brand seen making waves in MMA (2009-2010) and endorsed by some of
the sport's top athletes such as Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy, Sam Stout, and The Ultimate
Fighter season 5 winner Nate Diaz?  Yes.  However, the brand has since transitioned,
taking  on a life of it's own developing into a fresh, multidimensional, postmodern
"streetwear" line possessing unique representation.  The collections that have
followed progressively became more focused on a new demographic of young, "born
to lose but yet built to win," urban generations who too embrace our brand's culture.
The quality of production has been reinforced with custom details that turn classic
pieces into fresh and bold fashion statements.

Entering the brand's fourth year, TFM has not only enjoyed commercial success by
becoming an internationally recognized apparel label, but is also seeing the brand's
original statement; "Organized Grind," transcend into what some refer to as an
innovative sub-culture infusing seamlessly into music, television, cinema, sports
and athletics as well as most mediums considered pop-culture.

TFM is deeply-rooted in urban culture, both in thought, story and in style.  Hip-Pop
(not a spelling error) and the spirit of ambition found in concrete jungles world-
wide inspire The Fight Mafia to set pace and to be ignorant of all boundaries.  The
brand aspires to elevate the label's products and designs to a level that has yet
to be replicated in the apparel industry by consistently delivering multifaceted
merchandise that are a true testament to the brand's versatility.

The Fight Mafia brand operates on the cusp of fashionable innovation.  Although
described as a corporation ideally existing within the fashion industry, we inter-
iorly don't consider ourselves as a company that "does fashion."  We morally
"do clothes."  Fashion is somewhat of a put-on, something we wish to portray
that is not necessarily true.  Clothes are worn by way of necessity.  Clothes are
real...  The Fight Mafia prides itself on being the truth of the fashion industry and
our goal is to design and serve as the world's most influential, necessary and
inspiring makers of clothing.  Our brand is exclusive, urban, versatile and most
importantly empowering.  Welcome to the world's most dangerous brand.